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Wedding Gifts For Guests – Out of the Box Ideas


There are many ways in which you can thank for your guests for coming to your wedding. However it is often difficult to come up with unique ideas. You are about to find out about some of the best out of the box ideas for your guests’ wedding gifts.

Wedding gifts for guests are normally really simple and predictable. Although it is not necessary to give wedding favours, it is a fantastic way to thank all of your guests for attending. There are so many unique options out there that you can host the perfect wedding right down to the gift you give your guests. Here are some gift ideas that you should consider for your big day:

1. Musical magic: music is a fantastic way to connect with your guests. It is a way to share your musical tastes with them while saving money. Make a CD with yours and your partner’s favourite love songs on. Create an album cover and voila! You have a fantastic and personalised gift for your guests.

2. Favour your theme: if you are having a themed wedding then you should consider a gift that goes with the theme. For example if you are having a Chinese new year theme then give your guests chopsticks. Get yours and your partners named engraved onto the chopsticks with the date of your wedding and you have the perfect themed unique wedding favour.

3. Season themed gifts: pick a gift that can help with the season that you are planning on having your wedding in. During the summer months give the gift of fans that go with your colour scheme to keep your guests cool. During winter provide your guests with gloves, especially if you are brave enough to have your wedding outside for the perfect winter wonderland theme.

4. Party the night away: if you are that couple that loves to kick of their shoes and dance then why not invite your guest to do the same? Make your wedding favour a comfy pair of slip on shoes or flip flops. These are also a fantastic favour for beach weddings.

5. Chocolate truffles: an oldie but a goodie. There is often nothing better than indulging in a bit of chocolate every now and then especially if they are handmade truffles. The beauty with truffles is that you can add a number of different fillings and flavours, making them 100% unique for your special day. Place the truffles into a personalised box, so that your guests have something to keep after they have eaten the delicious morsels.

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