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The Magic Ladle


Did you know that wooden ladles are the magic wands of cookery?

Yes there is great magic in them, because an old wooden ladle can make casserole food more tasteful! This occurs because the wood absorbs smell and flavors from previous cooking. I know this information from my grandmother who, when she was watching me cooking at my teenage years she always advised me to use the “old ladle”. The truth is that I didn’t like to use such an old ladle because I had the false impression that was full of bacteria etc. But now, I know the truth and I use my mother’s old ladle. My dishes are more delicious than ever! Try it… Buy as a present a new luxurious ladle for your mother -or grand mother- and ask politely their old one…

What is “Boukovo”?

Boukovo (perhaps the origin of the name is Bulgarian) is the spicy, very hot, flake powder made from hot red peppers (usually hot Thai peppers that Greeks call “tsuska”, but you can use any type of red HOT pepper). Boukovo is very popular in the Balkan countries and people there use it very often to spice soups, sausages, meat and casserole dishes.

How to make your own Boukovo if you cannot find it at the spice/herb store

First of all you will need 4 to 5 pounds of well dried red hot peppers. You can dry the peppers by placing them in thread chain. Take a needle with thread and sew the peppers one by one from the calyx (or the area between the calyx and the pedicle). Pass about 40 to 50 pieces in each chain. Then, hang the chains in place with a lot of sunlight and fresh air. After two months you’ll get a lot of well dried peppers.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves (and I also recommend a doctor’s mask) open the window and place the dried peppers in a plastic bag. Then start to crumble them in small flakes as I show you in the photo above.

That’s it! Remove the calices and the pedicles and place the “red hot snow” in jar with an airtight cap.

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