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Exciting Ideas for Truffle Recipes


Every food connoisseur knows how important truffles are for culinary purposes. Their strong flavor and aromatic smell makes them ideal as flavor enhancer in preference to as main ingredient in a dish. Cooking truffles is a big no-no, as it ruins the truffles’ natural flavor. Exceptions are foie gras and pates. Instead, you slice or shave them over risotto, soups, sauces, pasta, and even plain scrambled eggs. Transform your bland dishes into flavorful and appetizing ones! There is a broad variety of truffle recipes that you are able to experiment at your own kitchen. You don’t have to a chef to achieve that! All you need are a little knowledge of how to work the truffle’s magic.

The accompanying are some ways to make cooking with truffles an easy task for you.

* Get your truffles from your local gourmet shops or specialty stores. Of course, you don’t have to go in search of truffles in the forest. That’s too time-consuming and laborious a task, unless it’s your hobby.

* When trying to find truffles, smell them to check their odor intensity and freshness. Truffles that have been stocked for quite a while gradually lose their strong smell. Also, choose truffles that are well-textured, evenly shaped, blemish-free, and firm.

* Pick ingredients that complement the truffles without lessening their strong flavor. In a truffle recipe, try not to use ingredients with good flavor or pungent smell as they might upstage the truffles. What’s the point of using truffles if you cannot taste their distinct flavor?

* Never delay using your freshly purchased truffles. That way, you make sure that the strength of their taste remains when you add them to your favorite truffle recipe. Outlet your truffles for a maximum period of three days in the refrigerator.

* When storing your truffles, wrap them individually in paper towel and place them in a sealed jar to ensure that its odor won’t affect other foods in the fridge.

* Irrespective of variety, truffles are preferable when paired with fat-rich foods such as cheese (Parmesan, Asiago, and Romano varieties), butter, cream, and foie gras.

* Truffles are great with pasta, too. Grate them over the creamy sauce of your pasta, and you are sure to take pleasure from savoring this flavorful dish.

* Have a hearty breakfast courtesy of black truffles blended with scrambled eggs or omelets. The strong flavor of truffles will blend well to the mild flavor of egg dishes.

* Don’t cook truffles together with some other components of your truffle recipe. Instead, you just add them after the primary elements have been cooked. That way, you avoid ruining the truffles’ flavor.

* Enhance the flavor of your poultry meat by inserting thin slices of raw black truffles under the skin of uncooked chicken, duck, or turkey.

* Add truffles to sauces created with brandy or wine for a flavor boost.

Truffle recipes are excellent when you decide, outlet, prepare, and cook them properly. So you waiting for? Have a good time and enjoy your scrumptious truffle-flavored dishes!

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