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What’s the Difference Between Mushroom and LSD Trips?

Mushrooms and LSD are Classical Psychedelics When we talk about classical psychedelics, we are talking primarily about serotonergic psychedelics. Four well-known psychedelic drugs fall into this category: mescaline, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), psilocybin, and lysergic acid (LSD). Psilocybin and LSD have a long history of clinical research as classical psychedelics. Magic mushrooms, however, do not. It is important to remember […]

Los Angeles Hotel Reviews – The Orlando

[ad_1] Recently having undergone a 6 million dollar renovation, The Orlando is magnificently appointed in an ultra chic European manner. With 98 guest rooms, a lobby lounge including a 50 inch plasma TV, the ONLY outdoor saltwater pool in Los Angeles, a 24 hour fitness center, evening turndown service including truffles, meeting facilities, the Minestraio […]

Artisan Chocolate Truffles and the Spices That Love Them, Part XII – Piper Nigrum

[ad_1] Piper Nigrum is the botanical name for Black pepper. It comes from a flowering vine that is originally indigenous to Southern India. This spice has been utilized by humans for thousands of years, since long before recorded history, and so the origins of it’s use have been lost to the mists of time. Today, […]

Gourmet Foods and the Use of Alba White Truffles

[ad_1] Whenever you think about culinary arts and skills, think gourmet foods and white truffles. Gourmet foods come with high quality and taste. These dishes are very common in the United Kingdom, despite being originally from Alba, Italy. They are as well among the most highly upheld and traditional foods of exotic cooking that have […]